Fall 2020 LYS Day Kit


We selected the Strawberry Mountain cowl by Kay Hopkins for our Fall 2020 LYS Kit.  It's a quick and easy pattern with simple striping and colorwork that looks impressive but is really just slipped stitches and uses only one color per row!

We've selected strongly contrasting colors for the colorwork - but if there's something special you want, call the shop and we can help you find a substitute.

Choose between easy stockinette all the way or try working the contrast color in garter stitch (knit on both sides, which is even easier!) and watch the texture truly pop out on the colorwork.

Strawberry Mountain is worked on the bias from one end to the other, starting with just 6 stitches, and is only slightly asymmetrical. The I-Cord edges are worked as you go so there’s no finishing to do and the bind-off is also I-Cord.

This kit includes two skeins of yarn, and the pattern, which will be gifted to the purchaser's ravelry account.