Maryland Road Trip KAL - a Suitcase of Supplies

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We're taking a wonderful road trip around the state of MARYLAND, celebrating knitting and local yarn shops and American history and natural wonders and landmarks as we go. So what's the mystery? Where we'll go next, of course! And our inspiration for each leg.... And how that transforms into a beautiful shawl. We hope you'll pick up your needles and yarn and knit along as we embark on this grand knitting adventure.

Join the fun in 3 easy steps:

1. Buy the Pattern. It’s available from your favorite Local Yarn Shop (LYS) and on Ravelry. It’s called Maryland Road Trip, and it’s at a special price of $3.98 untl April 17, 2021 - and included in any full kit purchased through the shop.

2. Choose your yarn. We've curated through our favorite yarns in the shop and created a range of options, combining colors and textures - evoking a range of Maryland landmarks. Yearning for bright colors?  No problem!  Want a little bling?  Got you covered!  Want to go off-road?  Call us, or come into the shop and we will help you customize your own iteration.

3. Connect. Be encouraged and encourage others as we take this journey together. Find us on Instagram and Facebook (we have both a page and a group!) as Road Trip Mystery. We’re also in the Ravelry Forums under Fans of Really Clear