Addi Interchangeable Needle Sets


Addi Click is the interchangeable needle set you have been waiting for! The click system provides 8 different sizes of Addi Turbo lace tip needles, also known as rocket tips. There are 5 different lengths of the extremely pliable blue cord, and one connector piece which helps to either store stitches of combine your cords.

The click needle tips require no tools to change; simply insert the cord deep into the tip, twist, and release. The tips stay secure until you change them.  Those who desire can knit right and left with different tip gauges, can change the gauges at any time, vary the cord and so on in well over 500 creative combinations. Click – without a key or screws, just turn and click to start a new round of knitting fun. All cords and needles in the Click system are compatible and naturally made in Germany

Wondering about the differences between the sets?  Addi Olive tips are smooth olive wood, very sharp.  They are ethically sourced from retired olive trees.  Addi Bamboo tips, like the olive, are ethically sourced.  The bamboo makes for a less slippery grip - which is useful when knitting with slippery fiber.

Addi Turbo and Rocket tips are coated with white bronze (not nickel anymore).  Using the white bronze allows for less water and electricity in the manufacturing.  The rocket tips are more tapered and sharper than the turbo.  The short rockets have shorter tips, which allow the knitter to create 16" lengths - something that cannot be achieved with the longer tips.

Still unsure?  Consider trying the Starter set.  It includes one tip set of each of the following:

  • addiClick Turbo® tip - US 7 (4.5mm)
  • addiClick Rocket Long tip - US 6 (4.0mm)
  • addiClick Bamboo tip - US 8 (5.0mm)
  • 1 each 24” and 32” cords
  • 1 connector

It gives you the opportunity to try the different tip styles without the investment in an entire set.