Brilliant Brioche (June 2019)

Brilliant Brioche (June 2019)

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Are you fascinated by Brioche? Want to learn or improve your Brioche skills? This class is for you!

Brioche – combined with Garter Stitch – creates fabulous textured knits with amazing optical elements. In this class, we’ll build our brioche skills as we learn to knit Emily Foden’s fabulous “Full Moon” shawl, featured in her recent book Knits About Winter (Pompom Press; available in store). This beauty which incorporates Brioche “full moon” circles on a background of Garter Stitch creates a fabulous optical illusion – from one angle, you see the “moons,” but from another angle, Emily’s design causes “the brioche moons to move to the background and the garter stich squares appear on the foreground.” Either way, it’s a show-stopping knit!

This three-session class begins with learning a Brioche-and-Garter checkerboard pattern to build our brioche skills. This fun design makes for a great scarf, shawl or throw, so students may choose to begin that project in the first class – or simply practice the technique on scrap yarn. Then, we’ll embark on “Full Moon,” where we’ll hone our brioche and pattern reading skills (the motif is a 76-row repeat!). Students will also learn how to read tricky brioche pattern charts. In our last class, we’ll continue on our brioche and work on the techniques used in the finished edge of our shawls – a Bobble Stitch Cast Off and Tassels.



This class is for INTERMEDIATE knitters. Students must have skills to knit, purl, cast on, cast off and pick up stitches (along an edge), as well as basic pattern reading.


Instructor: Sue Santa

Cost: $100

Dates: June 6th, 13th, & 27th

Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM

Photo Credit: Emily Foden & Pompom Press