Crochet with Edward's Menegarie (April 2020)

Crochet with Edward's Menegarie (April 2020)

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 You must know how to crochet for this class. This is not a learn to crochet class.
Get ready to expand your mastery of hand arts by adding crochet animals to your repertoire. This is an introductory course where you will learn the basics for completing an animal from Edward's Menagerie! And this is just the beginning!

This class is student focused and adjusted for each individual's learning style and personal learning pace. You will learn how to follow crochet patterns in written form.

The kit necessary for the class must be purchased at Knits and Pieces of Annapolis Maryland. It has all the necessary supplies for the completing the animal.

Class Fees: $80 for three 2 hour sessions

Instructor: Karen Santa
Dates: Thursday, April 23rd, 30th & May 7th from 6:00PM-8:00PM